Display Advertising

The Melville Advance provides affordable display advertising rates as well as cost effective flyer distribution. All display and website advertising rates are subject to 5% GST. Display and website advertising may be booked by calling 306-728-5448 ext 227. National clients may also book display advertising space through our national ad agency AdWest by calling 1-877-701-4704.

Publication Date & Deadlines

The Advance is a Friday publication that is distributed every Thursday through subscriber boxes and Canada Post. Deadline for all advertising is Tuesday at 12 noon.

2016 Line Rate

The Advance's one-time net line rate is $10.08 per column inch, or $0.72 per agate line.

Colour Charges

Full colour rate is availability at the following rates. Our minimum colour charge is an 1/8 page.
1/8 Page: $33.00
1/4 Page: $50.00
1/3 Page: $62.00
1/2 Page: $86.00
3/4 Page: $119.00
Full Page: $150.00

Flyer Rate

0 - 15 grams - $0.08 per piece
Additional grams - $0.0032 per gram

Flyers required (2,000)

Website Ads

Two sizes available: 728 x 90 and 300 x 250 . Ads will appear on all Grasslands News Group websites (Melville Advance, Fort Qu'Appelle Times, Grenfell & Broadview Sun Express and Whitewood Herald) which have a combined monthly average of 32,000 views.
1 Month: $200.00
3 Months: $160.00 per month
6 Months: $130.00 per month
12 Months: $100.00 per month